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Alexis G. Morales


Sensei Alexis G. Morales

 Sensei Alexis G. Morales was born December 18, 1960 in Bronx, NY and was raised in Guayama, PR. By the age of nine, he had a strong desire to study martial arts and began training in Judo and Karate, and practiced many different styles throughout the years.  In 1977, he started in the style of Isshinryu karate practicing under the instruction of Master Eduardo L. Gonzalez (7th Degree Black Belt).

In 1979, he joined the US Army and spent most of his military career with the 82nd Airborne Division; he practiced and taught at various military installations.  In March 1984 he was assigned to Frankfurt, Germany at Rein-Main Air Force Base were he taught at the Youth Service and Activities Center. 

He also studied Tan Son Do and reached the rank of 2nd Gup (Red Belt).

In 1996, he was assigned to Okinawa, Japan and had the opportunity to train with Grand Master Angie Uezu (9th Degree Black Belt) and Master Tsuyoshi Uechi (8th Degree Black Belt) for the next 5-1/2 years.  During this time in Okinawa, Japan he served as the secretary for the Okinawa Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo Association and as the number one student of Master Uechi’s Dojo teaching Okinawan’s as well as American students. 

Sensei Morales has competed in over 100 tournaments winning many Grand Championships and ranking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  In 1998, he competed and judged at the World Karate Tournament in Okinawa, Japan finishing 7th in hand katas in his age group. 

On January 14, 2007, he was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt in Orange City, Florida by the following promotion board: Grand Master Tom Lewis (9th Degree Black Belt) Isshinryu Karate; Grand Master Chester Holubecki (9th Degree Black Belt) Isshinryu Karate; Master Wayne Wayland (7th Degree Black Belt) Isshinryu Karate; Master Clay Robbins (7th Degree Black Belt) Isshinryu Karate. Promotion was also honored by Master Eduardo Gonzalez (7th Degree Black Belt) Isshinryu Karate; and Grand Master Angie Uezu (9th Degree Black Belt) by Promotion Certificate.

Sensei Morales has been certified as a Karate instructor by the Okinawa Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo Association and as a traditional Okinawan Karate Sensei by the Rengo kai (The Traditional Okinawa Karate Association established by the Okinawan Government).

Sensei Morales has over 36 years of martial arts experience and over 29 years in Isshinryu Karate.

Sensei Morales has been married to his wife Gladys for over 27 years, and they have a daughter (Adalis 25), and a son (Alexis Manuel 23-also a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate). 

Sensei Morales retired from the US Army after 24 ˝ years of service and now works for the state of Florida as the Brevard County Job Corps Admissions Counselor. He holds an Associates’ Degree in General Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Management. He trains and teaches (select students) in his two car garage, which he has turned into a traditional Okinawa Karate Dojo.