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San Marino Italy Gashuku


Gashuku Training November 21-24, 2008

San Marino, Italy

IOTKA European Representative Kyoshi Fred van de Vijver attended the the Kodenís European meetings and was the guest instructor during Gashuku Training in San Marino, Italy on 21-24 November, 2008.  The San Marino Isshinryu and the National Olympic committee of San Marino invited Kyoshi to give a seminar, and provide demonstrations during the gathering of martial artist.

Minister of education of the Replublic San Marino and Secretary General of San Marino National Olympic Committee,  Mr Gian Marco Marcucci (center) and the San Marino Martial Arts presented Kyoshi Fred van de vijver (left) a recognition plate. On the right is Marien Jumelet sensei of San Marino Isshinryu.

Text plate reads

To Master Fred van de Vijver for the great dedication and to the profound collaboration demonstrated with admiration and recognition.

(Federation Martial Art San Marino 21-24 November 2008)

Marien Jumelet sensei of San Marino Isshinryu also received recognition for his support and dedication.

Kohai Alessantro Tomassoni receiving his Nidan certification from Fred van de vijver