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15 Basic Upper Body Exercises

1- RFF-RH Straight punch to the solar plexus (Seiken oi tsuki)

2- RFF-RH Upper cut to chin (Jodan oi tsuki)

3 - LFF-RH Straight punch to solar plexus (Seiken gyak tsuki)

4 - LFF-RH Upper cut to chin (Jodan gyak tsuki)

5 - RFB-LH Down block/straight punch to solar plexus (Gedan barai/seiken gyak tsuki)

6 - RFB-LH Side block/straight punch to solar plexus (Chudan uke/seiken gyak tsuki)

7 - RFB-LH Open hand side block-RH spear hand to solar plexus (Tegata barai/nukite)

8 - RFB-LH Open hand upper block-RH upper cut to chin (Jodan tegata uke/jodan gyak tsuke)

9 - RFB-LH Upper block-RH Straight punch to solar plexus (Jodan uke/seiken gyak tsuki)

10 - RFB-LH Upper block-LH snap nose-RH straight punch to solar plexus (Ura uchi/seiken gyak tsuki)

11 - LFF-LH Down block/5 straight punches to solar plexus (Gedan barai/go den joku tsuki)

12 - LFF-LH Side block/5 straight punches to solar plexus (Chudan uke/go den joku tsuki)

13 - LFF-LH Open hand down block-RH Open hand strike neck (Shuto uchi)

14 - LFF-LH Open Palm chest block- RH roundhouse punch solarplexus- LH roundhouse punch to kidney(O-uchi)

15 - RF Step back in cat stance-cross arms in front-butt hip back, at the same time strike with arms by blocking the head and striking back with an elbow (Hije no ato tsuki)

NOTE: Movements may be abbreviated, for example LF means Left Foot, RH right hand. 

15 Basic Lower Body Exercises

1A. Legs together - knees locked - toes curled up - hands on hips; Stretch down touch toes.

1B. Spread Legs - hands behind on lower back - bend back exhale 5 times

2. LH hold right foot - RH push down on right knee - straighten leg - then do left leg.

3. Squat stretch - legs apart - arms out - squat down to right side - left toes up -alternate.

4. Front snap kick to groin.

5. 45 degree blade kick to knee cap (snap)

6. Cross over heel stomp kick to knee

7. Side blade kick to solar plexus

8. Front snap kick from cat stance

9. Squat to side front kick to groin

10. Heel thrust kick to solar plexus

11. Knee smash to groin

12. Back kick to solar plexus

13. Push ups

14. Body twist

15. Breathing exercise