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Okinawa Prefectural Symbol

The outer circle of this symbol represents the ocean. The white circle symbolizes a peace-loving Okinawa and the inner circle symbolizes a globally developing Okinawa. In short, the mark symbolizes "Ocean" "Peace" and "Development."

It was decided on the symbol of Okinawa Prefectural in 1972

Uehara Sensei, domo arigato gozaimasu

Uechi Sensei hosted a bouquet for Zenpo Shimabukuro Sensei who was awarded the Okinawa Karate-Do Kobu-Do Kourou-Sho (meritorious service in society and culture).  Please see this article on www.seibukan.org
Master George Shin has agreed to be the IOTKA Washington Representative, assisted by Kahori K. Fair.
Terry Creamer Sensei has agreed to be the IOTKA Missouri Representative.
New members from the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy have joined the IOTKA, through the efforts of Fred Van de vijver Sensei of the Netherlands.
Lars Anderson Sensei is the IOTKA Representative for Denmark.  Dojos in Romania, Germany, Ireland and Kosovo have also joined IOTKA.
Master Tsuyoshi Uechi receives Bohan's Family website Warrior of the Month for December 2008.  Congratulations Master Uechi.
IOTKA European Representative Kyoshi Fred van de vijver attended the the Kodenís European meetings and was the guest instructor during Gashuku Training in San Marino, Italy on 21-24 November, 2008.  The San Marino Isshinryu and the National Olympic committee of San Marino invited Kyoshi to give a seminar, and provide demonstrations during the gathering of martial artist.

Congratulations to Master John Bartusevics, who was honored with the United Isshinryu Karate Association (UIKA) Lifetime Achievement Award and promoted to Hachi-Dan by Grandmaster Harold Mitchum. 

John Bartusevics sensei has agreed to assist Kyoshi Hovey as an US IOTKA Advisor.

Shimabukuro Zenpo sensei accepted Uechi sensei's request to support the IOTKA as IOTKA Okinawa Advisor Congratulation!!!!


In 2005, by lobbying from the world of karate, Okinawa Prefectural assembly declared,

"October 25, the day of karate".

Since Day of Karate (October 25, 1936), the Karate Forum is held on October 25th each year.  Saturday (25 Oct 2008) at Naha-city, Okinawa Karate Rengokai and Ryukyu Shinpou (Newspaper) supported this years Karate Forum .  Many Kate-Ka and Katare met, and discussed how to lead and dispatch Traditional Okinawa karate to the world and where Karate will go.  

The beginning project has already begun. The DVD production of our Okinawa interviews over the years with, Shimabuku Ciso Sensei, Maekawa Sensei (Isshinryu early 1950's), Tome Ushin Sensei (Isshinryu early 1950's), Tokumine Sensei (Isshinryu early 1950's), Nakazato Joen Sensei (Kyan Chotoku student), and Taira Kazuo Sensei (Kyan Chotoku student) to name a few.
Play an Active Role in the Positive Direction of Isshinryu Karate-do by visiting the Isshinryu Hozon Kyokai (Isshinryu Preservation Society) 

Jeff Perkins / Carol Wamack

Congratulations Uechi Sensei!!!  

This picture just received from Okinawa, of Uechi Sensei, Tome Sensei, and Uehara Sensei in front of the new IOTKA Honbu in Okinawa.  A wonderful ceremony was held Friday 18 July, 2008 to celebrate this historic occasion.  Everyone had a wonderful time.

Grandmaster Harold Mitchum a first generation Isshinryu student has agreed to be an IOTKA U.S. Special Advisor

Jeff Perkins Sensei has been appointed IOTKA Regional Director and Carol Womack Sensei.

Jeff Perkins Sensei and Carol Womack Sensei of the Okinawa Budo Kai provided this article about Uechi Sensei and his new organization in the Okinawa Budo Kai Newsletter (see page 2).  This is a very informative newsletter, so be sure to check out the other articles as well.   Thanks Perkins and Womack Sensei and the Okinawa Budo Kai. 
The Karate Shinbun (karate news paper) operated by the Okinawa Karate-Do Rengokai published the following article on 24 May, 2008.  The article contained a letter by Ms. Teresa Covey titled "Sensei, Pride of My Heart" and "My lifelong Treasure of Okinawa" by Mr. Dan Paterson. These letters were written and sent to Master Uechi after Hovey Sensei and students traveled to Okinawa in February 2008.  Uechi Sensei also thanked Hovey Sensei for visiting Okinawa.

Pictured (L-R) T. Covey, K. Hovey, K. Kline, R. Best, D. Paterson, T. Uechi, UNK, Josh UNK, and P. Ashooh.