Kyoshi K. Hovey traveled to the Dillsburg Pennsylvania dojo to work out with Masters Georg Iberl and Rod Crimmons in January, 2010.  Photos are provided by the Dillsburg Isshinryu dojo.

IOTKA European Representative Kyoshi Fred van de vijver attended the the Koden’s European meetings and was the guest instructor during Gashuku Training in San Marino, Italy on 21-24 November, 2008.  The San Marino Isshinryu and the National Olympic committee of San Marino invited Kyoshi to give a seminar, and provide demonstrations during the gathering of martial artist.

Kyoshi K. Hovey presented an Isshin-Ryu Okinawa Traditional Karate-do Shiai on Saturday,  November 8, 2008.   We were honored to have Isshinryu Masters Wayne Wayland,  Nga Pham, and Danny Glover as ring officals.  In addition to the competition, these masters demonstrated proper competition etiquette, kata, and kobudo technique.  Wade Hampton provided these pictures.

Carol Womack Seminar Pt. Defiance Park Pagoda in Tacoma, WA.   

A few photos from the Carol Womack Seminar and a photo shoot at Pt. Defiance Park Pagoda in Tacoma, WA.  I would like to thank Sensei Carol Womack for teaching a wonderful seminar here in Tacoma.  Jeremy Johnson informed us that he believed it was only a block or so away from Steve Armstrong's old dojo here in Tacoma where the old Shimabuku films were made! This was cool, to think that Shimabuku may have walked past that very sight long ago! It was a nice group and we enjoyed learning and refreshing our Tokushin Kobudo katas which included: Tokushin No Tichu; Tokushin No Tekko; Tokushin No Eku. During a break Sensei Akabu reviewed Katagwa 1 Kata. We worked on the Bunkai of the Kobudo Katas too.  I highly recommend Sensei Carol Womack to anyone that is interested in exploring Ryukon Kai Kobudo, or Tokushin Kobudo. She is very knowledgeable.  Alissa Long-Danh

2008 Bohan/Niemira Memorial Tournament

These photos were provided by Hovey Sensei and were taken at the Bohan/Niemira Memorial Tournament.  These pictures include first generation students of Soke Shimabuku - Tokumura Kensho, Tom Lewis, Harold Mithcum, Ed Johnson, Russell Best, Sr., Jake Eckenrode, John Bartusevics and Ralph Passero .  What a event, awesome job Master Wayland.

2002 Isshinkai Enbukai

These photos of Master Uechi  were taken at the 2002 Isshinkai Enbukai at A.J. Advincula’s dojo in Oceanside, Ca. These photos were provided by Perkins Sensei and the Okinawa Budo Kai.  Included in these pictures are Senseis' Fukuhara Kensei, A.J. Advincula, Jeff Perkins, and Carol Womack,  with Okinawa Budo Kai Students. 

This picture of Master Uechi and Joe Swift Sensei was taken in March 2008 while Swift Sensei was visiting Okinawa.  Domo Sensei Swift of the Tokyo Mushinkan

2008 Kyoshi Hovey Okinawa Visit

These are pictures from Kyoshi Hovey's Okinawa Feb 2008 visit to Okinawa.  This event was sponsored by Kyoshi Karl Hovey Kan and students.  Hovey Sensei and students trained with Uechi Sensei, and had the honor of training with Masters of Okinawa's Kobudo and Shorin-Ryu systems.

2007 Master Uechi Virginia Visit 

These are pictures from Uechi Sensei's Oct 2007 visit to Virginia.  This event was sponsored by Kyoshi Karl Hovey.  Uechi Sensei spent the weekend conducting seminars.  He spent several evenings during the week in area dojos training.  Master Hovey's mom and dad provided their home to Master Uechi and his wife while in they were in the Fredericksburg, Va. area.  

We would like to thank Master Uechi and his wife for their time.  Master Karl Hovey,  Kevin Kline and Frank Harvey Sensei of Hovey's King George dojo for hosting the seminars.

Hovey's Kan Dojo Association Karate-Do Mini Camp

These pictures were taken on May 24th, 2008 at  Kyoshi Karl Hovey's mini camp with this years instructors Nga Pham (7th Dan Isshin-Ryu), Peter Ashooh (6th Dan Isshin-Ryu), Ken Morgan (5th Dan Shorin-Ryu), Jerome Littrel (5th Dan Moo Duk Kwan), and Punong Guro Brian "Spunk" Trial (Philippine Combat Arts).  Eamonn D. Knights (5th Dan Isshin-Ryu), Ron Porter (5th Dan Isshin-Ryu), Mike Mascher (5th Dan Isshin-Ryu), and Joshua Copson (3rd Dan Moo Duk Kwan) were on hand as assistant instructors or better known as "Uke".

Hanshi Russell "Gunny" Best was special guest during this event.

Hovey's Kan would like to thank Lester Harvey and Mount Bethel Baptist Church in King George, Virginia for providing their Activity Center for this seminar.